fugu: Update kernel prebuilt

cb14702 fugu: Enable sdcardfs
14fd7bb sdcardfs: remove unneeded __init and __exit
970ccaa sdcardfs: Remove unused code
ac2b075 sdcardfs: remove effectless config option
83b36e7 inotify: Fix erroneous update of bit count
f9f4cff sdcardfs: Add support for d_canonicalize
3ed9530 vfs: add d_canonical_path for stacked filesystem support
8ca107b sdcardfs: Bring up to date with Android M permissions:
eab8c11 sdcardfs: Changed type-cast in packagelist management
5c2b788 sdcardfs: port to 3.10
808af9a Initial port of sdcardfs

Bug: 27794037
Change-Id: Idaf43b4d00d52169467483289a5b92719601d29d
diff --git a/bzImage b/bzImage
index c84e6fe..0460e02 100644
--- a/bzImage
+++ b/bzImage
Binary files differ