fugu: update prebuilt kernel

1b9be17 x86/tls: Validate TLS entries to protect espfix
0748960 x86_64, traps: Stop using IST for #SS
40aca45 x86_64, traps: Fix the espfix64 #DF fixup and rewrite it in C
5abb230 x86/espfix/xen: Fix allocation of pages for paravirt page tables
cdfabdb x86_64/entry/xen: Do not invoke espfix64 on Xen
daac73e x86, espfix: Make it possible to disable 16-bit support
326687b x86, espfix: Make espfix64 a Kconfig option, fix UML
14f084c x86, espfix: Fix broken header guard
d727534 x86, espfix: Move espfix definitions into a separate header file
a340171 x86-64, espfix: Don't leak bits 31:16 of %esp returning to 16-bit stack
e6e046e x86-32, espfix: Remove filter for espfix32 due to race
2aea149 net: wireless: bcmdhd: Do not print out device name on invalid length

Bug: 26927260
Bug: 27142322

Linux version 3.10.20-g1b9be17 (android-build@wpiu7.hot.corp.google.com)
(gcc version 4.8 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 17 23:34:20 UTC 2016

Change-Id: I7f231456ac73b0a0604479b922840a7c871649c4
Signed-off-by: Patrick Tjin <pattjin@google.com>
diff --git a/bzImage b/bzImage
index 7d525ce..5522fea 100644
--- a/bzImage
+++ b/bzImage
Binary files differ