fugu: update prebuilt kernel

5dd4ae3 Wrong format type (build fail with -Werror)
4bb2750 x86: configs: fugu: enable LED with breathing effect
42df119 fugu: asustek: added led driver and device

Linux version 3.10.20-gb69168a (android-build@kpdm5.cbf.corp.google.com)
(gcc version 4.8 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 20 11:44:01 PDT 2014

Bug: 17156619
Bug: 16846098

Change-Id: Idb429c68e9221325ee3339ac9c3a356bcfa72951
Signed-off-by: Patrick Tjin <pattjin@google.com>
1 file changed
tree: 8c402d03721ebbda8bac5e24e372bddb134bd023
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