flo: update prebuilt kernel

-- KGSL update:
	-- General Dispatcher corner-case cleanup.  Some timing-related corner
	   cases crept up and many of these are cleanup/fixes.
	-- Fault cleanups.  Improve how faults are handled to ensure the right
	   behavior is taken by KGSL and the GPU when recovering from different
	   GPU faults (mostly related to IOMMU).
-- resume console if panic occurs after console was suspended

b3e6048 msm: kgsl: Move validation of user data after copy_from_user
d1c3e29 msm: kgsl: Fix page align allocation overflow
2733db6 msm: kgsl: Use the correct length when looking for address collision
1f2f2a5 msm: kgsl: show timestamp in sync dump
6f6f5d2 msm: kgsl: On IOMMU fault force a hard reset
5443bf7 msm: kgsl: Define new fault type for IOMMU fault
8f7648f msm: kgsl: Do not overwrite dispatcher fault
6be908e msm: kgsl: Do not register additional IOMMU faults
8e176b6 msm: kgsl: Clear dispatcher fault bit if inflight commands are 0
3032205 msm: kgsl: Free the cmdbatch when it fails to be requeued
c6781a0 msm: kgsl: Max the expired timestamp of invalidated context
8ecbca7 msm: kgsl: Fix draw context fair scheduling in the dispatcher
a6bf254 msm: kgsl: Check whether context is detached before updating timestamp
5db8ce8 msm: kgsl: Do not delete command batch unless it's retired
8d35ba0 msm: kgsl: Store process private pointer in context
27e7254 msm: kgsl: Hold a reference to process private when creating context
9e22319 msm: kgsl: Hold the plist spinlock to protect nodes
2052625 msm: kgsl: Improve the dispatcher issuecmds loop
9677abc msm: kgsl: Implement KGSL fault tolerance policy in the dispatcher
5ab9e02 msm: kgsl: Check the return value of _kgsl_context_get()
d49f42a msm: kgsl: fix a race condition when calling kref_put
79bab10 msm: kgsl: Allow sync points to be created on the submitter's context
f1fa739 msm: kgsl: Support generic GPU trace events
2e9672f msm: kgsl: Try to run soft reset on all targets that support it
f030f25 msm: kgsl: Configure FT behaviour from sysfs instead of debugfs
b3ba48c msm: kgsl: GPU soft reset
3d24c79 msm: kgsl: guard all mem_idr operations with the mem_lock
64e5301 msm: kgsl: Fix addressing of FSYNR0 and FSYNR1 registers
ccf3f3a msm: kgsl: Add the event callback symbol to GPU event tracepoints
1011c60 msm: kgsl: send ringbuffer NOP padding with the next command
e012479 msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for adreno context switches
bc59a6d msm: kgsl: Remove msm-dcvs pwrscale driver
f182b26 msm: kgsl: Setup a3xx protection in its start function
08f7f6f msm: kgsl: Do not try to resume the device from INIT state
b837708 msm: kgsl: Option to not stall IOMMU V1 on pagefault based on FT policy
9354a39 msm: kgsl: Use the kmalloc/vmalloc trick for the sharedmem page array
af40543 msm: kgsl: Wait for the active_count in kgsl_release()
395eb05 msm: kgsl: use kgsl_mmu_device_setstate() whenever the gpu is idle
2ba0ba9 msm: kgsl: Check for idle in the fault detection timer
21655b8 msm: kgsl: use the same logic in adreno_idle and adreno_isidle
28a26d0 msm: kgsl: generate descriptive names for kgsl-timeline
c10fe0b msm: kgsl: embed kgsl_context struct in adreno_context struct
b8692c4 msm: kgsl: convert cffdump stub functions to inlines
b30b659 msm: kgsl: Use a standard function for register access
94cb03c msm: kgsl: Define register offset array
a58cc25 msm: kgsl: Add support for 8226v2
91c74a4 msm: kgsl: don't store rptr in struct adreno_ringbuffer
3324f8f msm: kgsl: Fix a missing semicolon in the KGSL IOMMU handler
6373f66 msm: kgsl: Enable special case performance counters
5aa6d0e msm: kgsl: Do not hold memory spinlock when calling find region function
d57e737 msm: kgsl: Convert all physical address to type phys_addr_t
2a85e29 msm: kgsl: Make cff capture a device specific property
0747e53 msm: kgsl: Remove nap_allowed variable and functionality
42ee55d msm: kgsl: Bypass SP counter 4 on A33x
cb39fe1 msm: kgsl: Do not start performance counters if not present
98538f2 msm: kgsl: Use ion_share_dma_buf_fd to get ion fd
6ee9e6b msm: kgsl: tracepoint cleanup
808e227 msm: kgsl: Remove the skip counting code from the trustzone policy
cef9839 msm: kgsl: Always resume the GPU regardless of its state
aa47d8a msm: kgsl: set active pwrlevel to init pwrlevel after power collapse
c040b38 msm: kgsl: Check pagetable pointer before dereferencing it
35ed7e4 msm: kgsl: Provide a sysfs interface to force GPU clocks/bus on
dfeec65 msm: kgsl: Fail if sysfs or debugfs initialization fails
96fbf74 msm: kgsl: Add support for coresight
5a25e8b gpu: msm: Allow retries for 0 order allocation
9ef881d msm: kgsl: Add fault count to snapshot debugfs
b6c0616 msm: kgsl: Remove earlysuspend code
206d6f1 msm: kgsl: Get an active count during CFF
fb215ad msm: kgsl: Fix checking of validity of process private pointer
9200525 msm: kgsl: Restrict GPU virtual address when using CFF
dd7b9da msm: kgsl: Use the correct flag when checking for cpu map
401d92a msm: kgsl: Print out page fault memory usage info
9988200 msm: kgsl: reduce iommu pagefault logging
3313653 msm: kgsl: Report cff dump virtual address range correctly
f41fb24 msm: kgsl: Turn on timestamp based IOMMU clocking for IOMMU-v1
3bf708a msm: kgsl: Do not store timestamp for null context in pagefault handler
60a0610 msm: kgsl: Use increasing delays to transition to NAP
e70483f msm: kgsl: Add in-stream support for IOMMU-v1
968e224 msm: kgsl: pass mmu pointer into address space query functions
c37f00b msm: kgsl: Synchronize access to IOMMU cfg port
0b0a701 msm: kgsl: support busy stats based policy in tz
2b4e9c1 msm: scm: Add scm_call_atomic3
cb2e3b7 msm: kgsl: Check the return value of msm_get_iommu_domain
be838c9 msm: kgsl: Avoid dereferencing NULL pointers
b1ed99f msm: kgsl: add new clock for 8610
3eee694 msm: kgsl: Set aggressive HW clock gating for A330v2
77da92a msm: kgsl: Add genlock to KGSL DRM driver
278b58d msm: kgsl: a2xx: Check the right interrupt status bits
7de352d msm: kgsl: Properly record the size of the sglist in the memdesc
634371e msm: kgsl: Add support for A305C GPU for MSM8x10
db3cd49 msm: Fix mem leak when using per-process pages
8e9dac6 msm: kgsl: Use register domain for IOMMU domain
a9b90cf msm: kgsl: Add a section to list memory entries in snapshot
997f073 msm: kgsl: Remove few a3xx registers from the register list
05a5c6e msm: kgsl: Enable VBIF dynamic clock gating for 8974v2
e8bdf0d msm: kgsl: Initialize only required IOMMU context
5e4140c msm: kgsl: Use phys_addr_t where appropriate
1893600 msm: kgsl: Copy data back to user in case of error
16a806e msm: kgsl: Change bus frequency before GPU frequency
3a740a1 msm: kgsl: Remove all reference to CONFIG_ANDROID_PMEM
8645db2 msm: kgsl: An error condition could cause an array overflow
722991a msm: kgsl: add more VBIF settings for A305B
608836b msm: kgsl: Optimize clock call order
044a063 msm: kgsl: Reduce cmd buffer size for adreno_iommu_setstate
65d45d4 msm: kgsl: Add intermediate power levels
94899c2 msm: kgsl: Increase bus bandwidth to avoid underrun
77784f7 msm: kgsl: Resize the CP ROQ for a330/a305b
0c6a778 msm: kgsl: Added DRM_IOCTL_KGSL_GEM_CREATE_FROM_ION to DRM
a538cb1 msm: kgsl: Set a useful pm_qos default value
42f03e0 msm: kgsl: Turn off automatic hardware clock gating for 8974v1
84363d8 msm: kgsl: rename iommu version specific data
1bdb92f msm: kgsl: add VBIF table for A305B
bc48134 msm: kgsl: Support the new A305 revision
a63c687 msm: kgsl: Disable hardware clock gating for A330V2
369e699 msm: kgsl: Align ION buffer mappings from userspace to 4k
c705f40 msm: kgsl: Added IOMMU support for GEM allocations in DRM
8b78995 msm: kgsl: Idle timeout should be reported in msec
407188d msm: kgsl: avoid vmap failure while allocating big buffers
4fb8e8a msm: kgsl: Correct the initial idle_timer value
d55ed69 msm: kgsl: Turn on clock gating for A330 devices
c968ea9 msm: kgsl: Set the context ID of iommu bank based on address
f77e7f1 msm: kgsl: Revert low latency power collapse
9d049a8 msm: kgsl: Set a useful pm_qos default value
5c5a3e2 msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for GPU busy
c228235 msm: kgsl: Add separate GPU shader memory mapping
2a616d4 msm: kgsl: Add cache flush for A20x
337dbad msm: kgsl: Added DRM_IOCTL_KGSL_GEM_GET_ION_FD ioctl to DRM device.
99c8a9f msm: kgsl: Using ion allocation instead of pmem for GEM
a207922 msm: kgsl: Update to match DRM driver function pointer structure
dd073c6 msm: kgsl: Add NOP name to postmortem dump
ad29a1d msm: kgsl: Add power settings to the postmortem dump
51c7d1f msm: kgsl: Support larger debug regions for the CP on A330
f1c43c8 msm: kgsl: Turn off automatic hardware clock gating for A330
9729c9a msm: kgsl: Add 8974 support for enabling GPU GDHS
4e66a4c msm: kgsl: On release only detach contexts owned by the instance
03053d7 panic: resume console if panic after console suspend.

Change-Id: I238a044ac805d69023381ca0723ad2bc609110b5
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
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