flo: update prebuilt kernel

9b960e Audio: prevent headphone insertion event handler from turning micbias ON.
0fc7c50 display: slimport: update phy register values for flo
80deff1 display: slimport: prevent EDID overwritten
77f043e power: bq27541: add error handle to report previous valid capacity
1cd4281 TouchScreen: update touch firmware to A040.
093c27a9 flo: mmc: disable pack feature for Hynix part
6ed699b Revert "adreno: increase cmdbatch timeout to 10 seconds"

Bug: 9971949
Bug: 9692415
Bug: 9984381
Bug: 10062852
Bug: 10141572
Bug: 9946473

Change-Id: Id7fe5ae3aaa37ab4bf224a1139d079a39595d250
Signed-off-by: Ed Tam <etam@google.com>
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