Snapshot to 0cd744a1ef6c60872b4e74e1cc52d73f27dd883b

    flo: update prebuilt kernel

    b469b15 msm: kgsl: Pass the size of IB2 in dwords when saving it in snapshot
    1fd9df8 msm: kgsl: Don't halt the GPU, try to recover first
    266ba02 msm: kgsl: Use correct bit operations for faults
    760b7b8 msm: kgsl: Don't repeatedly call adreno_stop during reset
    c58772b msm: kgsl: Validate the meta data pointer in kgsl_destroy_ion()
    9dbc420 msm: kgsl: Remove drawctxt_active from setstate default
    cd75948 msm: kgsl Check NULL return from kgsl_get_device_from_dev
    4655a74 msm: kgsl: Re-add the irq_last functionality
    ca9d68e msm: kgsl: remove KGSL_STATE_DUMP_AND_FT
    bb95c86 msm: kgsl: Return -ENOTTY for legacy waittimestamp calls
    d3deeab msm: kgsl: Init log levels in device init
    9c6fe06 msm: kgsl: Fix reading of special case counters
    589ae1e msm: kgsl: Restructure performance counters
    3f85725 msm: kgsl: Count user and kernel performance counters seperately
    6b15618 msm: kgsl: Add VBIF register programming for A4XX
    e68a14c msm: kgsl: Do not hold active count during CFF
    c1b17c9 msm: kgsl: Fix memory entry leak when calling adreno_convertaddr
    2eb3222 msm: kgsl: Set up address ranges for CFF capture
    5ffbb52 msm: kgsl: Unmap memory after using it in CFF capture
    d6392c5e msm: kgsl: A4XX GPU support
    3be4a17 msm: kgsl: Implement the A3XX power-on shader workaround
    eae426a msm: kgsl: Save snapshot IB data in queued work item
    c00b1e6 msm: kgsl: Add a generic IB parser
    636a2c0 msm: kgsl: Wake up threads after context detach
    3e699d1 msm: kgsl: Retry hard reset more than once on failure
    9091e98 msm: kgsl: Only skip IB for faulting context
    fcadbb8 msm: kgsl: Do not call dispatcher fault handler if already called
    c07df78 msm: kgsl: Set FSR to 0 on IOMMU pagefault
    9629748 msm: kgsl: Immediately set the fault bit on a pagefault

    b/10673415 -- Using Chrome 30.0.1599.30 reboots devices
    b/10666925 -- ZXing Barcode scanner app causes abrupt phone reboots (kgsl fault)
    b/10744747 -- device resets during startbucks app animation
    b/10847160 -- Hardreset: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address fc46ef58
    Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <>
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