flo: update prebuilt kernel

3a857a9 msm: camera_v2: Add a macro
e0149ae msm: camera: Add support for dynamic bus scaling
e2e669e msm: camera: Add support for dynamic clock scaling
1661b203 msm: camera: Refactor ISP start stop sequence
244d6b9 msm: camera: Handle burst stream with limited buffer
999f30e msm: camera2: Add support to send error status in cpp driver
67b3bc9 msm: camera: Prevent using ISPIF when not UP
63093f9 msm: camera:v2: config PIX0 line buffer enable bit
192a7e7 msm: camera2: Enhance cpp driver
18ec01f msm: camera: CCI changes for read sequential operation
81efdfd msm: camera: Add separate mutex for different ioctls
f95eb21c msm: camera2: Add tasklet for cpp device
b5a0e8b msm: camera2: Add v4l2 subdev call to generic buffer manager.
03d6b828 msm: camera: remove command ack queue entry from the list.
855c019 msm: camera: Change CSID interrupt mask
b209dd4 msm: camera: Add crop support in ISPIF
304a5f8 msm: camera: define ISP0 and ISP1 bit to seperate 2 ISP
920c876 msm: camera: Add support for NV16 and NV61 formats
311afe3 msm: camera: Improved dual-ISP support in ISPIF and reset timeing fix
3a3e248 msm: camera: Add statistics support for concurrent ISP
f45e052 msm: camera: Add buffer queue lock
67d91cb msm: camera: pass control value with event
795f6d4 msm: camera: Use info about VFEs in ISPIF
67fd4b5 msm: camera: Add support for concurrent ISP
12b7442 msm: camera: Update VFE QOS settings for V2 hardware
a881e32 msm: camera: separate clk enable in ispif

Change-Id: I3def66ce05e07290ff2e70925f0859348381eaeb
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
1 file changed
tree: 86ab559e19522a98bbc2cd96441bde9d307609ef
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