flo: initial prebuilt kernel

This kernel boots into a shell.  Nothing else works.

This kernel was build by applying flo-enablement patches on top of the
following commit:

	remote: git://codeaurora.org/kernel/msm
	branch: jb_vanilla

	commit 9f761718a982cb3016103d8a8454dc8f3d9c5fa7
	Merge: ce77da8 bbe03d5
	Author: Linux Build Service Account <lnxbuild@localhost>
	Date:   Fri Feb 15 19:09:26 2013 -0800

	    Merge "gfx: footswitch: Turn gfx footswitch on/off only during suspend/resume"

Asus enablement patches:

1331a2e camera: SR1 porting for front/rear camera.
2885164 mmc: sd: remove sdc3 card detect gpio for non-support project
2cf48b7 revert "msm: 8064: Add regulator supply for DDR3 memory"
6ca8ce6 flo: gfx: footswitch: Turn gfx footswitch on/off only during suspend/resume
c451ac9 qseecom:Fix race condition while voting for clocks
be44227 msm: display: increase max mdp clock to 266.667MHz
f8d16e9 msm: board-8064: Increase MFC ION heap size by 256KB
c20ab45 Display: fix build break of AU 013 tag
bda6165 flo: msm: power: update power drivers to msm-3.4 tip
ccd7243 L2 patch: Reduce the maximal frequency of L2 cache from 15 to 14.
061136d board-8960: Update 8960AB and 8064AB SPM sequences.
38b75ba asustek: pcbid: fixed bug to shift 6 bits for sysfs project_id
8c80221 drivers: usb: otg: Enable the normal irq and wakeup irq of usb id and vbus pin for the no irq issue after system resume.
4f39797 Display: fix blue screen issue (underrun)
834e530 power: bq27541: show charging status when USB plugged
7984359 drivers: usb: otg: Don't report the same charging type to charger ic again.
6436607 footswitch: workaround to disable GFX3D operation
428d601 Display: fine tune power on sequence
b00daa0 mmc: modify driving strength for sdc1 cmd signaling
f8b5ffd Revert "Sensors: (1/5) Enable DSPS and revert native sensors drivers."
cf092a2 Display: slimport: move slimport init before USB and power
391870a Display: slimport: ignore USB_ID request fail
2bdd21e leds: remove unnecessary sysfs function.
528e52f leds: initialize leds-pm8xxx driver.
2dd2576 Display: workaround for blue screen issue
02e6b5d Sensors: Fix the riva initial function.
b91e8a9 ALS : porting al3320a light sensor on vanilla
a1f2c6b Sensors: (1/5) Implement sensors' driver for mpu6500 and akm8963.
fa328c9 Audio: add headset detection function.
4d478e6 CAP1106: Disable channel 3.
9f6f83f arch: arm: mach-msm: Changed to pull up the ap2mdm_status pin 50 ms later than the modem is powered on.
219ba0c arm: arch: mach-msm: Disable the mdm2ap_pbl_ready pin after mdm is now ready for the tcxo shutdown power state
670a632 drivers: usb: otg: Report the charger type and enable the USB host mode according to the ID pin status and the SlimPort status.
8fe7b2c TouchScreen: remove debug message for touch irq handler.
57a21899 charger: Add smb345 battery charger driver.
73880de power: bq27541: unmarked i2c device info
76a97a2 power: bq27541: add support for bq27541 fuel gauge chip
8d391ed flo: Built in Wi-Fi Driver.
df2df35 TouchScreen: driver porting for elan chip.
83cd0b8 arch: arm: mach-msm: Don't register the mdm driver in flo platform
32924a7 Remove a workaround since BCM20793 chip default is 7 bits address.
0999a70 Display: distinguish different panel type by pcbid
963e04f asustek: asustek_pcbid: move to postcore_init
22ba8e2 CapSensor: Enable SMSC 1106 cap sensor.
c8871a0 Display: remove the unused regulator "reg_ext_3p3v"
d0653b1 arch: arm: mach-msm: Don't register the usb hsic controller in flo platform.
57b5c6e Dump MIDR id when kernel booting.
e3d8af6 ext4: protect group inode free counting with group lock
f8429e0 patch 2/2: More detailed power on reasons to match Nexus4's implementation.
880e096 gpiomux: asustek: Configure PCBID pins with GPIO for flo/deb
eb65cfc asustek: pcbid: Added pcbid kernel module
38477d1 config: flo: enabled PM_DEBUG for power-related debugging
4fccc70 confg: cleanup inconsistent config using menuconfig
7b7e54c apq8064: pm: debug: print out time spent in suspend using sleep clk
33f22b8 power: debug: enable debugging msg when CONFIG_PM_DEBUG is set
766f2a7 drivers: usb: otg: Change the PHY control to PMIC control for the power consumption.
9dcb0e4 arm: keys: Report valid key status when pressing and releasing
a500c33 gpiomux: asustek: Configure VOL_UP/VOL_DOWN with GPIO for flo/deb
2547f08 asustek: keypad: added keypad support for VOL_UP and VOL_DOWN
4aeb6cf asustek: flo: enabled ram console (/proc/last_kmsg) - append the boot reason to last_kmsg - use persistent ram for ram_console
c668797 Display: slimport porting - update to V0.3
24fa387 Dump MIDR id when kernel booting.
6a30703 cpufreq: Create DVFS stress test function.
8365b8f Enable NFC using bcm2079x.
24b1635 Audio: Enable speaker.
1adc14b Display: SR1 mipi panel porting
4908387 mmc: add prv , sec_count and rev attr for firmware version, revision and capacity check
fecf8a4 sd: remove sd card support
b7c0b56 mmc: add SECURE DISCARD CONFIG
43dfe96 deb: initial bring up the deb hardware
37f7ff1 flo: separate flo codes from qcom's codes (apq8064_mtp)
d873588 flo: initial bring up the flo hardware
ece72a8 bringup: ME571K board bring up.

Change-Id: I2792fd6aab82b0884d42a9d18d6fce59cdb5ae2f
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
1 file changed
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