flo: update prebuilt kernel

d093416 msm: camera2: Fix AF for Flo build
874c7c3 msm camera2: Fix double SOF per frame for VFE32
5e0883e msm: camera: Avoid clk_set_rate for branch clocks
7850af1 msm: camera: Fix for dual ISP buffer management
61b147d msm: camera2: Change csiphy HW version register offset
cec9343 msm: gemini: Support upto 64mp encoding
e229b21 msm: camera2: Swap CSID and CSIPHY sensor sub modules.
54f502a msm: camera: ratelimit ISP prints in IRQ/tasklet
0a8b308 msm: camera: Update CPP bandwidth request
546e4c4 msm: camera_v2: Post fd close event to user space.
566841c msm: camera: Attach all ISP context during ISP open
53b70b4 msm: Add support for composite ISP statistics
6b4e25c msm: camera: Fix for bandwidth update
e66d01d msm: camera: Handle no free buffer for dual ISP
16dc784 msm: camera_v2: add locks around session operations.
7e99fa4 msm: camera_v2: fix error message.
91e7fd0 msm: camera_v2: protect all cmd ack q accesses around mutex.
42f50cf msm: camera_v2: differentiate streams with vb2 buffers.
c935d24 msm: camera: eeprom driver support for target 8974
a3fa245 Revert "Revert "prima: release v3.2.2.8""
5b6bea4 Revert "prima: release v3.2.2.8"

Change-Id: I63193e398b01307837b5ed773d39d3fc8e720aca
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index 1bcaff3..74b93d3 100644
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ