flo: update prebuilt kernel

5a834f69 msm: vidc: Reset stop_called state when START is called
ef0a4c6 msm: vidc: Don't free shared memory on channel close
9b9c924 flo: debug: disable DLOAD mode when panic and abnormal reset
2056b58 TouchScreen:571K/KL:update touch firmware for A012.
d5468cc msm: kgsl: Always fire an interupt if requested
7680e76 msm: kgsl: Print additional registers on IOMMU pagefault
b3e29df msm: kgsl: Lock ringbuffer translation in TLB
315103f msm: kgsl: Update required timestamps during command submission
914d319 msm: kgsl: Add memfree_history debug feature
bb35a4a msm: kgsl: Allow tasks to signal pending events
d3fe69e msm: kgsl: Move timestamps inside the context structure
3012005 msm: kgsl: Fix context reference counting
16f535e msm: kgsl: Add a type field to the adreno draw context flags
33fec61 msm: kgsl: Use ERR_PTR to return errors from kgsl_create_context()
5b5ee93 msm: kgsl: Remove an uneeded log message that pre-dates tracing
e4c9544 msm: kgsl: Track GPU device resets
66853ff msm: kgsl: Delete the context event while the context is still valid
022ecd3 msm: kgsl: Add event tracepoints
3e30037 msm: kgsl: Add a ftrace event for register writes
7cc1a96 msm: kgsl: Resolve a potential race in the interrupt handler
ee37676 msm: kgsl: Check the current interrupt status before power operations
8e6ce7c msm: kgsl: Verify the user doesn't accidentally submit a zero length IB
2d8d86a msm: kgsl: Return correct timestamp for consumed timestamp reads
7a15488 msm: kgsl: Add CP_WAIT_FOR_IDLE packet before updating timestamp
e2fba99 msm: kgsl: Add identifier for internal command submissions
a5c1166 msm: kgsl: Log retired timestamps on device wake
60333ae msm: kgsl: Do not dump the istore on A3XX cores
4e9e6e4 display: JDI: shorten power on timing

Change-Id: I54dde14b6fb30ba5d2b737e0bc07896bd527dc90
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
1 file changed
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