flo: update prebuilt kernel

94e474b msm: camera: Fix copyright
810e512 msm: camera: Enable compilation camera v2 compliation for flo
203e9da msm: camera: Fix AF for ISP32.
cf94631 mako: Add actuator info in sensor info
3bc1222 msm: camera: Added support for VFE1 in ISPIF.
cda24593 msm: camera: Use a new reset_complete per VFE
309eac3 msm: camera2: Enhance flush queue interface in cpp driver
39553f0 msm: camera: Fix broken error handling
7f1c0d1 msm: camera2: Fix to flush the queue in cpp driver
407f5bd msm: camera: store queued buffers in local list.
4cfeefb msm: camera: Increase max ISP buffer queue
1556fe7 msm: camera: Add open count check for isp buffer manager
c2db652 msm: camera: Fix DMI 64 bit write
bca2c7b msm: camera: Fix for QOS settings
444ea55 msm: camera2: Add support for HW information based FW load
9f0a118 msm: camera: Increase ISP bus vector
0928953 msm: camera: Replace kfree with kzfree
b737dd1 msm: camera: fix error check in msm vb2.
7b07d8e msm: camera: fix bug in camera msm_vb2 implementation
6bafbff msm: camera: prevent mutex lock in interrupt context.
a767a81 msm: camera2: Fix ION memory release in cpp driver
13a81c3 msm: camera: include list traversal within lock protection.
bb4101e msm: camera: protect list operations around a mutex.
3c4206a msm: camera: Fix random no SOT issue for CSID
deb38f1 msm: camera: Add support for runtime framedrop config
ce6e8d3 msm: camera: Align ISP 3.2 to new driver architecture
5b02abc msm: ispif: Protect shared resource
964dcbd msm: camera: Enable LED flash driver on 8974
b5a4e0d msm: camera: Add parsing of LED flash property
36011ca msm: camera: Enable auto focus functionality for S5K3L1YX
a34c07f msm: camera2: Check session and stream id support
d30ad55 msm: camera: Fix stream on error
0e87533 msm: camera: Use montonic clock for buffer divert event
8c59de8 msm: camera: Add stream based event subscribe
bb488c1 msm: camera: Add support for burst stream restart
c2c0e2c msm: camera: Fix for framedrop update
e594626 msm: camera: Use correct interface frame id
c84698f msm: camera: Return ISP error
274fbd5 msm: camera: Increase Bayer statistics latency buffer
f6c85a2 msm: camera: Refactor ISP RDI pipeline control
fb0ce16 msm: camera: Use wall clock for event timestamp
be4a49b msm: camera2: Enhance cpp driver.
07c87c6 msm: camera2: Add driver for cpp module
0fd0b3d msm: camera: Add timestamp for vb2 buffers
06634d7 msm: camera: Add synchronisation mechanism per stream.
bbd1502 msm: camera: Refactor ISP snapshot buffer management
7bc2475 msm: camera: Use hardware specific DMI register address
495f898 msm: camera: Fix write master reload logic
b75e0ee msm: camera2: Fix for buffer manager driver
dc02aac msm: camera: Enhance framedrop control
0b6ec4a msm: camera: Fix for initial framedrop during burst mode
153936b msm: camera: Use SOF irq for raw stream framecount
a4b04eb Revert "msm: camera: Update ISP 3.2 Driver"
b65ea6f msm: camera: reorganize directory structure
396100a msm: camera: fix preview hang issue when recording is stopped
82fcf8b msm: camera: Update ISP 3.2 Driver
1715cf8 msm: camera2: imx119 driver
0cbfda1 msm: camera: Fix incorrect return on error case
9361eea msm: camera: Improve ISP configuration APIs
0df9b34 msm: camera: Fix camera recording corruption on isp32
e9519b4 msm: camera: Reduce error logging for isp32
6b18307 msm: camera: Add clock gating control support
dcf0231 msm: camera: Add support for 8974 V2 ISPIF
184d9bd msm: camera: Add LED flash driver for 8974
16e7c4e msm: camera: Fix camera recording corruption
d07cb3f msm: camera: Add buffer manager driver.
efe6812 msm: camera: Update frame count logic
1be9fc3 msm: camera: Reduce error logging
9ad8e34 msm: camera: Disable ISP interface cleanly
eef04b6 msm: camera: Improve bus performance
ac19b4a msm: camera: Update VBIF and QOS settings
cc44eae msm: camera: Add support to update stream configuration
6d6c7a0 msm: camera: CSI changes for 8974 v2
2b9b7bd msm: mako: board specific changes for camera 2.0 SW
2437543 msm: camera2: imx111 driver
a429035 msm: clock: change isp device name from vfe to vfe32
aec54c8 msm: camera_v2: enable isp32 on camera_v2 based framework
148676f msm: camera_v2: add ispif_v1 on camera_v2 based framework
744deca msm: camera2: Add MT9M114 sensor driver
f0b615e msm: camera: Add auto focus support in sensor driver
c053a60 msm: camera: Add actuator driver
6dea889 msm: camera: Disable no free buffer logging
4a74f8f msm: camera: Disable debug prints by default
cfd22b0 msm: camera: Fix CCI I2C sequential write issue
245c5dd8 msm: camera: Handle CCI timeout
8b28dfa msm: camera: Add CCI MASTER field in device tree
98f5793 msm: camera: Fix CCI code to support MASTER 1
4ac4275 msm: camera: Add support for stats buffer enqueue
bc77d18 msm: camera: Skip stats event when there is no buffer
5ba1c6d msm: camera: Add support for io format config
6a1c0b8 msm: camera: Add support for ISP statistics collection
29bd446 msm: camera: Add SOF notify event
b2c5a4b msm: camera: Populate stream source info
0f2026c camera_v2: remove V4L2_BUF_TYPE_PRIVATE buffer type
9ef9437 msm: camera: equal slicing the UB buffer for 7 write masters.
1d82879 msm: camera: add stats stream support
3be2f25 msm: camera: Fix cam clk disable during probe failure
5c88671 msm: camera: Fix video recording corruption
61819eb msmb: Improve implementation of msm_vb2
4a42a46 msm: msmb: ISP interface driver and ISP driver implementation
aa39fd7 defconfig: camera: enable msmb for camera driver
7f404ac msm: camera: Makefile changes for reimplemented camera driver
d65ca0a msm: camera: Add csiphy and csid to msmb
1f30b88 msm: camera: reimplement camera sensor driver
dcecf12 camera: Reimplement camera driver for Android camera 2.0
74fa5c0 trace/events: add gpu trace events
a12701e Modify the firmware update mechanism for 571K/KL.
28a549d TouchScreen: add update power source state.
653745f camera: Modify the access permission to "S_IRUGO | S_IWUSR" for debugfs
331b72d power: bq27541: correct battery current type
0766285 bq27541: correctly sign-extend 16-bit current value
7e4ecb0 Revert "msm: board-8064: Increase MFC ION heap size by 256KB"

Change-Id: Iad0d4ac5ff2cf1739640ba72df2b347ca8ba0fcf
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index 34bce2c..459e8ef 100755
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ