flo: update prebuilt kernel

e48d9a3 msm video sensors: replace EFAULT with EIO where necessary
c05274b camera: Add AF support and OTP load
0096f99 camera: QCT's initial settings for IQ tuning.
c597da4 camera: Modify the gpio for detecting vendor id.
4598fab7 camera: Modify the orientation for front camera.
45d93f0 flo: pmic: Fix RTC reset issue after reboot
3a6e093 flo/deb: pcbid: bypass PCB_ID3 telling since hardware rev_c
c257f49 asustek: keypad: support volume keys on PM8921 beyond HW rev_c
0dcf20c flo: asustek: adjust gpio mappings for keypad and pcbid on rev_b
b176314 flo: asustek: set gpio 2, 13, 37 to input no pull.
4acb24a power: bq27541: add battery current property
4714a37 Audio: soc: wcd9310: fix wrong kcontrol for RX HPF setting.
c806879 Audio: headset: disable micbias power after remove headset.
6ad84e6 Audio: headset: Disable bandgap power according to codec bandgap status.
2d7c12a Audio: soc: wcd9310: add check bandgap status function.
554f77b display: JDI: continuous screen from bootloader to kernel
e99f0a5 display: JDI: workaround to fix resume messy screen
a4f87a6 power: remove unused regulator definition from board file.
3e98563 display: fix video playback stress test UI hang issue
805604f display: slimport: remove hdmi 5v enable to avoid current leakage
95a99ec display: JDI power off sequence on shutdown
3c4968f display: support both SR1 and SR2 gpio by HW revision
dd62688 display: JDI panel porting
5d0c160 Audio: headset: add debug board detection mechanism.
50a83a9 pcbid: revise representation of hardware revision with index-based
aad91eb flo_defconfig: enable CONFIG_UHID

Change-Id: I2020def1e1a4662d581d5c2dace681fbf1f20241
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
diff --git a/kernel b/kernel
index 1159a2b..34bce2c 100755
--- a/kernel
+++ b/kernel
Binary files differ