flo: update prebuilt kernel

e6f5212 msm: kgsl: Fix idle check and add irq_last
a220d57 msm: kgsl: Ensure signals do not cause waits to end early
d996570 msm: kgsl: Schedule dispatcher after resume
cce0ed5 msm: kgsl: Detach context when context creation fails in create function
bd7bc84 msm: kgsl: Check return value on waiting for GPU to idle
9070033 msm: kgsl: Add a check to free the kgsl_timeline object.
84d023f msm: kgsl: Get an active count before snapshotting GPU
39318ec msm: kgsl: Keep track of kernel space mappings to memory
ee0ebd1 msm: kgsl: Provide a sysfs interface to force GPU power rail on
e57ab7e msm: kgsl: Do not allow events with bogus timestamp
d00cf7d msm: kgsl: Fix freezing of counter when reading it
4ebd1ae msm: kgsl: Return error when getting pdata of bus scale table fails
8a7e71b msm: kgsl: Add return value for perfcounter enable function
d66d7c0 msm: kgsl: reset GPU when GDSC is forced on
48d0211 msm: kgsl: Turn on GPU clock before setting the control flag
89483ce msm: kgsl: Call adreno_init only once on startup
2d43dbf msm: kgsl: Activate the dispatcher following a resume

b/10898027 MP3 playback power usage increased by 50%
b/10824288 HH kernel panic when running CTS test under valgrind
b/10796962 APR: Frequent ANR in Gmail due to graphics
b/10908929 APR: kernel BUG at drivers/gpu/msm/kgsl_pwrctrl.c

Change-Id: Iaa46245da37e5b8ba9faf71b3311a85621b1fe85
Signed-off-by: Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com>
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